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What’s Honor ?

Our server uses a premium currency called Honor. You can obtain it through various ways and it is used in many aspects of the game. Our plan is to launch frequent PVP tournaments, where you can earn a lot of Honor in a short period of time.

How to obtain Honor?

Easiest way to obtain Honor is to purchase it on our website through PayPal or Bitcoin.

Also, we are offering many free ways to earn Honor. You can find a complete list of all Honor rewards here: *To be updated*

How to earn money?

You can withdraw Honor to your Paypal or Bitcoin wallet. The rate of withdrawal is 100 Honor / 1$ with a small additional fee. You can withdraw a minimum of 15$(or 1500 Honor). Withdrawal takes around 12-24 hours for processing.


  • Custom Honor (X) Shop
  • Custom Premium Box & Key (Boxes drop from monsters, key is only available in X shop)
  • To be updated…

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    1. LEGENDAVIE Post author

      You will be able to withdraw to your mastercard only if you link it to PayPal. It might be available in the future as we plan on expanding the payment methods.


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